SWAG Custom Golf Shop

The Golf Performance Center SWAG Shop is committed to providing a Tour-quality club fitting experience to all players. At SWAG Headquarters, we have fully equipped the SWAG Fitting Bay and the SWAG Tour Trailer with the most advanced technology; paired with one of our SWAG Professionals, we can provide our athletes with the most information to tailor a club for their game. Being dialed in has never been so easy! We provide the latest equipment from all major golf club companies to find the best club suited to conditions to get results that will allow the player to play their best golf.

The SWAG Fitting Process

Step 1


We evaluate your current set to create a baseline for your fitting. We measure the loft, lie, length, grip size, swing weight and frequency of each club.

Step 2


We guide you through a comprehensive fitting where we will use state-of-the-art launch monitor technologies, paired with golf clubs and shafts to find the best combination.

Step 3


We recommend the specifications of the best clubs suited for the golfer and his or her game.

Step 4

Better Golf

We build your new clubs to the exact specifications that we fitted for you.

Why Custom Fit with SWAG Shop?

A custom club fitting can help you achieve what every golfer longs for: to hit the ball farther, hit the ball straighter, hit more quality golf shots and shave strokes off your score. The big perception of club fitting is that it is only for PGA Tour professional golfers. Regardless of your skill level, we are here to build you the right equipment to play your best golf!

Fitting Options

Driver Fitting

Optimize ball flight and control while achieving maximum distance. The process of a driver fitting will ensure every golf ball is reaching its potential off the tee. Based on the golfer's unique launch characteristics, we can determine the ideal club head and shaft combination.

Long Game Fitting

The purpose of long game fitting is to provide precise options between the driver and the longest iron. Selecting the proper combination of fairway woods and hybrids will ensure the most playable trajectory to produce maximum carry distance while still allowing the ball to stop on the green. This is crucial as carry distance and roll relate to your preferred yardage gaps.

Iron Fitting

Determining your key specifications is crucial to optimizing performance based on your individual swing characteristics. Properly fit irons will maximize distance, increase accuracy and improve scoring.

Wedge Fitting

Dialing in your short game with precisely fit wedges will immediately improve scoring, allowing you to have more confidence on all approach shots. Wedge fitting analysis will incorporate proper bounce angle, sole width, camber and radius. We will also assess wedge loft gapping to optimize your short game performance.

Putter Fitting

Putter fitting is the most influential part of the game as it relates to your score. A properly fit putter will give you the best opportunity to achieve the most consistent roll on the greens. Using the Edel putter fitting system, our staff starts by fitting for proper alignment, followed by weighting to improve speed and distance control.

Ball Fitting

Recommending the proper ball for your game will optimize distance off the tee, accuracy for approach shots and greenside control. Understanding why one particular ball suits your game better than others will eliminate all doubt as to which ball you should be playing.

For custom pricing or to schedule a SWAG consultation with PGA and Certified Fitter, Michael Mercadante, contact us today or call us at 203-790-GOLF (4653).


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