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Integrating Experience with Golf Technology

At the Golf Performance Center in Ridgefield, CT we believe, "That which can be measured, can be improved." Through the use of cutting edge technology we objectively analyze the biomechanics of your golf swing to help create a long term plan for improvement in an effort to accelerate the learning process.


K-VEST uses wireless sensors to capture and diagnose efficiency of movement in the golf swing that may lead to poor accuracy and loss of distance. Once your golf swing mechanics are captured, a certified coach identifies your swing efficiency or "power signature." The athlete experiences real-time visual and audial feedback which helps you play better in less time by building repeatable skills and lasting results.


GEARS is the most comprehensive 6D motion capture solution developed for golf. Using full body wearable sensors, our coaches can analyze the body, the club and the ball for each golf swing. GEARS is an essential tool for evaluating athletes and creating a plan for success.

SAM Puttlab

SAM Puttlab captures and analyzes parameters of your putting stroke using ultrasound technology. The system displays results in easy to understand visual reports within seconds. This analysis reveals the smallest details of your movements and allows our coaches to rapidly develop improvement and training strategies.

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