Our Philosophy

We do not believe there is one perfect swing, but that each individual has his or her unique swing based on how he or she moves.

Based on our belief that function dictates form, we engage with each individual to seek the best way to maximize performance through our “5 Elements of Success” Evaluation process in order to precisely prescribe the best plan for improvement.


Natural skills and the desire to improve


Individualized, tailored coaching

Physical Performance

Achieve peak performance

Mental Game

Undertanding mental capacity for competition


From drivers to putters, the right equipment for the task

Junior Academy

The Golf Performance Center Junior Academy utilizes the most innovative junior golf instruction in the world, integrating golf, physical and mental training for competitive and elite golfers alike. Our programs show you how to navigate and prepare for the journey of competitive golf.

Ages 8-11

Fundamental Academy Program

Beginning to build the foundation for long term athletic development and introducing proper golf swing fundamentals all while having fun

Ages 11-14

Learning to Play

Mastering fundamental movement skills while also introducing golf specific skills

Ages 14-18

Competitive Player

Focusing on competition, advanced skill development, goal setting, tournament preparation and college preparation & placement support

Ages 16-18

Elite Player Program

Designed for the proven golf athlete aspiring to play at the highest levels of junior golf, college and beyond

Adult Academy

Provides guidance with small group coaching sessions and year round access to state of the art practice facilities

Utilizing our “5 Elements of Success” evaluation, our coaches find each athlete’s unique blueprint, and can identify strengths and weaknesses helping each golfer move more efficiently, perform at a higher level and reduce the risk of injury.

To schedule a FREE consultation with PGA and TPI certified instructor, Roger Knick, contact us today or call us at 203-790-GOLF (4653).