Our Philosophy

We do not believe there is one perfect swing, but that each individual has his or her unique swing based on how he or she moves.

Based on our belief that function dictates form, we engage with each individual to seek the best way to maximize performance through our “5 Elements of Success” Evaluation process in order to precisely prescribe the best plan for improvement.


Natural skills and the desire to improve


Individualized, tailored coaching

Physical Performance

Achieve peak performance

Mental Game

Undertanding mental capacity for competition


From drivers to putters, the right equipment for the task

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Junior Academy

Our expert coaches develop a long-term plan for academic and athletic success while holding all student athletes accountable to their development. Coaching programs are designed with an emphasis on fundamental movement skills, from beginner golfers to juniors aspiring to play competitively.

The Player Developmental System and Score (PDS) is an ongoing skills assessment conducted four times per year (the Four Majors) to evaluate the development of an athlete’s physical prowess and golf skill.

Based on the PDS, our proprietary tiered Hat System determines placement of the athlete in the proper skill-level program to maximize their Long-Term Athletic Development.

Through our commitment to LTAD, the only scientifically-proven model to produce elite golfers, Academy Programs integrate golf skill acquisition, physical comprehension, mental training, on-course training, and competitive tournament scheduling to maximize their exposure to college coaches.

One of our goals is to ensure our athletes are prepared for peak performance; therefore we divide the year into phases that determine when an athlete will perform at their highest level.

Physical performance programs are laid out on an annual periodization schedule, ensuring each athlete will be preparing for peak performance at the proper times.

Understanding that there are no short cuts, our systems allow for young athletes to develop at their own pace, yet gives them guidance as to when, how, and what they will be learning based on our LTAD philosophy.

Ages 7-10


For the Beginner golfers on the first step of their journey.

  • Two hours weekly of structured coaching time introducing basic fundamental physical movements (running, jumping, throwing) as well as fundamental golf skills (balance, posture, rotation)
Ages 11-14

Learning to Play

Designed for Beginner golfers further along on their journey.

  • Four hours (two weekly sessions) of structured coaching time for the athlete to learn how to master fundamental movement skills and golf specific skills, as well as introduction of rules and history of the game
Ages 14-18


For the Junior golfer continuing to develop golf and physical proficiencies who aspire to play high school, college, and beyond.

  • Six hours (three weekly sessions) of structured coaching time with a focus on competing, physical and mental development, tournament preparation, advanced golf skill development, and an introduction to biomechanical testing
  • Access to supported tournament travel, on-course preparation and management, results review
Ages 16-19


For the student athlete desiring to play at the highest levels competitively in college and beyond.

  • Nine hours (three weekly sessions) of intensive, structured coaching time with a major focus on strength, power, stability, functional physical movement, advanced golf skill development, and strategy for playing competitive golf
  • Access to supported tournament travel, on-course preparation and management, results review


Designed for the gap year student athlete looking to improve not only his or her golf specific skills, but also allows time for him or her to mature physically and mentally while developing on and off the course.

  • An intense focus on the physical and mental preparation needed to play competitively at the highest levels


For the college athlete looking to maintain golf skills and physical performance.

  • Training for competitions, continuation of overall skill development, physical and mental conditioning for success

Junior Academy Membership includes

  • Access to Tutoring Services and Academic Center
  • Access to Expert Coaching
  • Junior Golf Hub Online Profile
  • Team Workout Gear
  • Team Golf Bag
  • Tournament Player Apparel Package
  • Year-Round Access to Facility and Practice Areas
  • Playing Privileges at Salem Golf Club (NY)
  • Club Fitting / Building by Certified Professionals
  • Tournament Advisement and Preparation
  • 10% Discount on Pro-Shop Merchandise and Special Orders
Ethan Allen Preparatory School K12 International Academy

Adult Academy

 The Adult Programs are designed for the golfer looking to take advantage of our state-of-the-art practice facilities in order to optimize their personal performance. 

Utilizing our 5 Elements of Success Evaluation, our coaches determine the golfer’s unique blueprint, and can identify their strengths and weaknesses, thus helping them move more efficiently, perform at a higher level, and reduce the risk of injury. Coaches provide guidance with individual or small group coaching sessions and year-round access to our facilities. 

We offer two Adult Performance Programs: Adult Academy and our Facility Program

Basic membership details

  • Access to facility and all practice areas
  • Four hours weekly of physical performance and golf coaching
  • Review with technology tools and advanced biomechanical feedback
  • 10% Discount on Pro-Shop merchandise and special orders

Our Adult Academy membership also includes unlimited access to individual physical performance and golf coaching, custom club fitting throughout the year, personal locker, and a GPC golf bag.

"What sport did you master with a few lessons and little practice? NONE! 52 weeks a year access to the best instructors, practice facilities, and performance coaches led me to a five-stroke drop in my handicap index. Simply THE preeminent golf training in the Northeast USA."

–Tad Wampfler, Member, Adult Academy Program

To schedule a FREE consultation with PGA and TPI certified instructor, Roger Knick, contact us today or call us at 203-790-GOLF (4653).